Welcome to The Centre For The Arts

John Boylan is a Toronto-based teacher, acting coach, mentor, actor and founder of Toronto’s Centre for the Arts. He offers a number of acting classes focused on acting for camera as well as private coaching and mentoring.

The Intensive 2015 Actors say:

“I loved the class.  It was pretty awesome. You are a gifted teacher.  I would not only recommend your class, I would insist that actors take it!!”  –Janice

 “Thanks for everything last month. This was so challenging…I found it so rewarding.”–Kwaku

“I wanted to thank you for such a positive and broadening experience. …the class allowed me to reinstate my “voice”…  You quickly created an environment where everyone checked their egos at the door…  The intensive process really allowed me to progress…”–Heli

 “I didn’t really start acting until training with John. He helped me experience and understand different characters by “dropping in” to myself; he breaks the walls down between the actor and the character. John understands who I am as a human being first, which enables trust in the environment and therefore allows me to go deeper as the character.” –Lisa

“I’ve worked with John in 2 intensives…I cannot say enough about the importance of the work I’ve done. He has helped my work become closer to my core, more relaxed, and stronger all around by helping me form my own opinion and talk about what I do in my own words so it makes sense to me. John’s exercises and drills recreate what it’s like to be on set …”–Ian