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John Boylan is a Toronto-based teacher, acting coach, mentor, actor and founder of Toronto’s Centre for the Arts. He offers a number of acting classes focused on acting for camera as well as private coaching and mentoring.

Tips & Thoughts

Recognize and celebrate.

Recognize and celebrate.It’s important to recognize and celebrate your work and success’s. And those of your colleagues. Life is made up of many beginnings, middles and ends. At the end of a project there should be a moment of (Read More)

Me or Character?

Me or Character?That really is like how many fairies can dance on the head of a pin. It’s a non-discussion. Try not to get diverted by these propositions that are really irrational. Just because ‘everyone’ is posing that question (Read More)

High school ideas v. new ideas.

High school ideas v. new ideas.As an actor you are asked to fulfil many typical adjectives. They’re found in audition breakdowns and in movie advertisements and in movie reviewer’s reviews. Let’s pick a few at random: Smart, sensitive- Ruthless head of U.S. Operations- (Read More)

Wall to wall dialogue.

Wall to wall dialogue.That’s what they called it in the old days. Maybe they still do. An on-camera role in a commercial with lots of dialogue. Lots usually means 6 to 8 lines. Which compared to a play is none (Read More)

From negative to positive.

From negative to positive.Before the audition an actor whispers to you ‘watch out, the casting director is in a bad mood.’ She might be. And, if so, why is she? It’s probably got nothing to do with you and everything (Read More)

Go in, in character?

Go in, in character?The casting directors have seen everything. Never forget that. Enter the casting room how it best suits you. In character, or not, it doesn’t matter. Maybe you work best always ‘in character.’ Then, after the audition is finished (Read More)

The reader.

The reader.“If only the reader would play the scene with me I’d do better auditions!” A reader is there to facilitate the audition. They aren’t there to play a scene with you. Scene partners are your fellow actors (Read More)

“I’m not making my agent any money.”

“I’m not making my agent any money.”If you’re auditioning then you’re earning them money. The agents most important business relationship is with the casting directors. By submitting good actors to the casting director that lets the casting director have a good session. A (Read More)


Repetition.Sir Alex Ferguson, football coach, says: “Prominent in the category of principles that are as important to me now as they were 30 years ago is the certainty that good coaching relies on repetition. Forget all (Read More)

Stay with one teacher.

Stay with one teacher. Pinchas Zukerman, the conductor, violinist, teacher says that if you find a good teacher—stay with them. I fully support that idea. Learning from different teachers is a fine idea but jumping from class to class to see (Read More)