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John Boylan is a Toronto-based teacher, acting coach, mentor, actor and founder of Toronto’s Centre for the Arts. He offers a number of acting classes focused on acting for camera as well as private coaching and mentoring.

Tips & Thoughts

Eyelines in auditions.

Eyelines in auditions.You have multiple characters in your scenes for your audition. What to do? We never need to do anything to ‘show’ the producers that we know what is written. Such as, there are multiple characters in the (Read More)

Movie’s time.

Movie’s time.Interestingly, you, as a movie actor, are part of the art form of “Its Time”. Now. The movies, or all media that has moving images, cinema, is of the industrial revolution to the electronic age. Now. Movies are (Read More)


Thought.One way to skin the cat is to say the camera is photographing thought. It’s pretty good. As always, none of these truisms are to be taken mechanically. They should inspire us and tweak our imaginations. That (Read More)

Affecting bridge thoughts.

Affecting bridge thoughts.When you first receive the impulse from something sent to you and the brain responds to speak and as you inhale there are different thoughts affecting your mind and breath before you begin speaking. You may (Read More)

3 strikes and you’re out.

3 strikes and you’re out.When you feel attacked or put on the spot it’s great to have a plan. There are repeated, typical questions and situations that, as an actor, you find yourself in. The movie business being in the (Read More)

They’re the best writers.

They’re the best writers.Producers hire the best writers to write their shows. Try not to confuse your viewpoint and taste with the quality of the writing. Especially in tv but also in blockbuster movies and tent-pole productions. He who pays (Read More)

The waiting room.

The waiting room.This is the most difficult place. You must take it up for solution. Think about it and develop tactics that can become your habit so just before your audition you are in a good atmosphere. Just because (Read More)

Recognize and celebrate.

Recognize and celebrate.It’s important to recognize and celebrate your work and success’s. And those of your colleagues. Life is made up of many beginnings, middles and ends. At the end of a project there should be a moment of (Read More)

Me or Character?

Me or Character?That really is like how many fairies can dance on the head of a pin. It’s a non-discussion. Try not to get diverted by these propositions that are really irrational. Just because ‘everyone’ is posing that question (Read More)

High school ideas v. new ideas.

High school ideas v. new ideas.As an actor you are asked to fulfil many typical adjectives. They’re found in audition breakdowns and in movie advertisements and in movie reviewer’s reviews. Let’s pick a few at random: Smart, sensitive- Ruthless head of U.S. Operations- (Read More)