“John’s Tips & Thoughts are so useful to me as an actor. I like to read one every few days just to put a bright reminder in my mind.”
- Jake Epstein, Designated Survivor, Suits, Degrassi
 “Aha, that’s quite brilliant! Your entries are most useful to actors and everyone.”
- Lesley Larkum, Head of Strings, Dulwich College, London
“These are gems. John’s Tip And Thoughts are relatable and inclusive, and there is no doubt that every actor at every level will benefit. There are decades and decades of insight packed into these pages.”
- Rich Caplan, Talent Agent, Noble Caplan Abrams, Toronto
“There are the foundations of acting that as an actor you go over and over. But John’s tips and thoughts are, for me, like going through your house and cleaning out all the nooks and cranny’s. Tending to the areas of your work that you know are there but you don’t always address. They comfort the thoughts and questions that have rolled through my mind but never made it out of my mouth.”
- Natalie Krill, The Listener, Below Her Mouth, The Next Step
“Great tips for the young actor, John. Your thoughts are much appreciated.”
- Michael David Kirby, Humber School of Creative and Performing Arts, Toronto

John Boylan.

John Boylan is a Toronto-based teacher, acting coach, mentor, actor and founder of Toronto’s Centre for the Arts. He offers a number of acting classes focused on acting for camera as well as private coaching and mentoring.


Definitions is the title of new written work I’m publishing along with Tips & Thoughts. These publications give expression in writing to what is done in my classes.

Definitions was proposed by Camille Stopps as she was thinking on some recent discussion we had in a Mentor session. It hit her that there are key ideas in our work manifested in certain words and that to look at the actual definition of those key words was important -- especially in this day of disinformation.

Following the definition will be a short note explaining how this idea comes up in our work.

All definitions will be taken from the Oxford English Dictionary.

Let’s begin our Definitions publications with the word definitions itself:

An exact statement or description of the nature, scope, or meaning of something.
‘our definition of what constitutes poetry’