2019 Schedule.

I was thinking this morning, while driving to set, about this storm and acting… The trees stay rooted and grounded, secure in the storm no matter how rough it gets, and that can be just like our work. Not letting yourself get torn out of the ground whenever uncertainty or insecurity or pressure starts weighing/ you down/blowing. Not letting yourself and what you need get blown over.
— Camille Stopps

Acting styles change with the times and right now acting for television and film is changing dramatically. What’s required today in episodic drama and feature films is the ability to be utterly and completely natural and truthful in front of the camera and this demands enormous confidence in one’s skills. It’s a great and exciting challenge for both new and experienced actors and it requires a new way of focusing and adapting your skills.

Our acting classes at Centre for the Arts embrace this new acting reality and we are 100% committed to preparing actors for it. We’ll work to strip away artifice and help you find your particular way to being honest and entirely comfortable in front of the camera. We’ll use a variety of teaching tools with an emphasis on scene work, drawn from the television series and films of the moment. You’ll learn to effectively analyze a scene and play truthfully within it. All our class work is experiential; you’ll work in front of the camera and your work will be recorded on an SD for your review.