Affecting bridge thoughts.

Bridge thoughts are the thoughts between the lines.

They are often just before a new speech or line, and bridge the ‘end’ to the next ‘beginning’.

You first receive the impulse from something sent to you, and then you respond, and, as you inhale, different thoughts affect your mind and breath until you begin to speak.

These different thoughts are bridge thoughts.

It’s a detailed part of your work.

You may or may not say in words what you are thinking at the beginning of your breath, or what you are thinking in the middle of it.

You may even switch completely by the time words leave your mouth, or deflecting it, altering it, colouring it, twisting it, clarifying it, sharpening it, or putting consciousness to it. It being the words you speak.

The brain works at such speed, and you need to learn about it. 

During the inhalation before speech is where the bridge thoughts get affected.

Bridge thoughts are the thoughts we don’t always say, yet think, and they occur immediately prior to speaking, on the inhalation of breath. 

You breathe how you feel.

It is useful to explore and experience these minute, specific and rapid thoughts that flavour your speech. 

If you write down, say out loud, or visualize these unwritten thoughts before saying a line it can stimulate your imagination. 

It’s detailed work that can inspire your acting to be more particular and less general. 

This work is directly tied to your inner monologue work, but is more isolated and specific.