From negative to positive.

Before the audition an actor whispers: ‘Watch out, the casting director is in a bad mood.’

She might be. And, if so, why? 

It’s probably got nothing to do with you and everything to do the high pressure of the movie business. 

There are a hundred reasons why she might be in a bad mood:  session’s running late, clients aren’t happy, she just lost a casting job, actors can’t grasp the genre, etc.

When you have the energy and have sussed out the room you can sometimes change the tense atmosphere to a more relaxed one. You can ease the casting person’s anxiety by being sympathetic, understanding, and professional.

It’s as if you’re asking ‘Can I help you?’ or you’re giving them a hug. 

You might say something like: ‘Boy, this movie business is tough on all of us, isn’t it?’

You’ll feel a sigh of relief when the casting director says: ‘Geez, thank-you for understanding.’ 

You’ve now changed the energy in the room to positive from negative. The atmosphere now allows you to do better work.

Fighting a casting director’s harsh attitude will get you nowhere. And it won’t help your acting. 

And you can’t ignore it.

How about: ‘It’ll be tough to endure these difficult situations, but it comes with the territory, so you have to take it’.

Give and take. That’s part of it.

But on your best days you can flip it – turn the negative to positive -  creating a better working atmosphere for everyone in the room. 

It’ll take thought, practice, skill, and genuine sympathy.

Having made the situation better, you’ll leave the audition in a good frame of mind instead of feeling like you did something wrong’.