"Lost track".

In the meditation hall when the Master asked the Head Monk why he rang the wrong bell the monk answered, ‘Lost track.’

That’s all he said.

The Head Monk is a master teacher himself, so he knows what bells to ring and when and how, because he has done it his whole life.  

But he made a mistake. 

Mistakes happen, but what should you do when you make one on set, in a play, a rehearsal, or in an acting class?’ 

Try to follow the example of the Head Monk. 

A simple recognition of the error.

On set, before, during, and after the mistake, you must move forward with the work. Because the crew and the director and the other actors are, there’s no need for complicated explanations that will further divert the work and draw even more attention to yourself. 

That isn’t professional. That’s a mistake.

If you are going to be late for an acting class, then let the coach know, but don’t elaborate over the messy details as to why you are. Same thing in an audition – especially in an audition. There are only two possible reasons to excuse your lateness for an audition: a car crash or death. 

Otherwise a simple ‘sorry’ will do and then get on with it. 

The pressure is so great on all of us making movies today because we work such long hours and everyone is tired and that produces mistakes. The dolley grip misses a mark; the boom is in the shot; the focus wasn’t pulled correctly; a prop missed. 

When you drop a line or miss a mark it’s normal.                                                                   

Know that. Realize that.

Develop a conviction that you mostly produce quality work, always strive for excellence and sometimes lose track