No explanation, no apology.

No explanation apology.jpg

Your life as an actor will have many twists and turns.

Once you have analyzed a question, discussed it and made a decision why explain it or apologize for it. Your decision is made, now just act on it.

The actor says: ‘I should have stayed in town for TV work instead of doing summer theatre’. 


That has you having regret for the path you took. You decided to do summer theatre and had that experience and now you’ll move on to the next. 

You’ll have many different acting jobs in many different places.

Try and develop a perspective where you and your work are ongoing. None of your decisions will ever be the be all or end all. 

Being a professional means solidifying and simplifying your work. Making explanations and apologizes for what you are doing only weakens and complicates your life’s work, while adding doubt and hesitation when you are searching for clarity.

There is a popular belief and practice that discussion is made up of doubt, worry, hesitation, excuses – as you try to explain why you did this or did not do that.

It is a lot of misspent energy.

Make your decision and carry on. Have the experience and live your life.