Work away to come back.

Always be looking to have your face away from the camera. You can play away from the lens in order to come back to it.

This ebb and flow is sweet on camera.

Away in thought possibly, and, as your idea crystallizes, it brings you back to the edge of camera where you finish your point. 

A beautiful sweep through the frame helps you make your point. Making intricate and maximum use of acting in front of a movie camera. Using the medium.

It’s the old idea in art of disappearing to reappear.

Look for ways to be away from the lens.

As you swing your head and eyes back close to the camera that swing is giving you a motion to make a lot or a little of.

The swing has huge potential.

In football the players work the ball back towards their own goal in order to go forward. In judo you step back to bring your opponent forward. 

For you as an actor there is great joy in finding out the particular potential of acting for the camera and how you best release your playing within it.