Demo Reels.

John has a very pleasant way of giving feedback. He’s encouraging, has a fine sense of humour…I felt safe to try out things…
— Liz McRae

Do you need a demo reel?

You’ll be helped to find or given scenes that suit your type and that you like.

A one-hour coaching session will get you well prepared to act the two scenes and assist you in choosing wardrobe and hair style.

Then, in a one-hour session in the studio (Casting Central), you’ll be coached while the scenes are shot. Together we’ll choose the best takes and you’ll leave with your demo reel done.

As part of the demo reel package you will receive consultation on your headshots and resume. A template cover letter to agents will be provided. Feel free to ask about agents and agencies that you’re considering.

Demo reel sessions are booked on demand, and are comprised of two separate one hour sessions.
A photo and resume must be submitted before attendance can be confirmed.

$150.00 (tax included), plus studio fee


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