The Intensive.

So, I made it. Still breathing. I think it went really well. I felt their intrigue. I was all there. So present. Got me some laughs and some sorry sighs. Viola was good. I began to hear myself speak a couple of times, but fought back, and re-rooted myself, got back in again. I felt very calm afterwards. Acting is becoming part. You have been endlessly generous with me since I first began at the Centre. Your direction really helped me find the truth in Viola’s words. to show you my work individually. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, support, and superior nature John, I just need to gush a little bit about class. I am really enjoying the work so much and all that you’re having us do. The improvs with the gun and the fairy tale, your ‘I’m looking at you’ … your comments are so insightful and the work in general has been so invigorating. I am forever grateful for the environment you have fostered as a means of exploration. Your coaching is invaluable.
— Joslyn Rogers


The Intensive is right for you if: you are committed to being a professional actor; you have some experience in theatre or film; you have some actor training; you recently graduated from theatre school; you have an agent or are actively seeking one.

The only course of its kind in Canada.

The best work is often the result of an intense and in depth period of concentrated effort. This is also the way an actor makes significant gains in his overall abilities. If you’ve acted in the theatre, for example, you know how great a distance you travel and how much you progress in a one-week rehearsal period. An acting intensive can have the same rewards.

The Intensive acting class at Centre for the Arts is designed for you to progress beyond what you thought possible and to do so in a short period of time. Over eight days this November, working six hours each day, you’ll work with a small handful of like-minded actors to develop your skills in working effectively – and successfully –  in front of the camera.

In this class you’ll work with current film and television screenplays and master today’s realistic acting style. We’ll explore and work under typical filming conditions and learn to develop the strong personal centre that’s required. We’ll also explore in depth the audition, and how to master it.

We’ll work to develop your individual acting style and help you understand what you have to offer and how the camera perceives you. We’ll address all the questions you have about the work and becoming the actor you want to be. Another important benefit is having the time to be “relentless” – to work a scene or address an acting problem you may be facing over and over again until you’ve broken through. You’ll benefit as well from the familiarity of working with the group day after day. The need to “get it right” and impress your peers will drop away allowing you to access the skills you know you have.

Actors will…

  • Focus on your “core” work

  • Work at your own pace

  • Perfect the types you audition for

  • Work typical tv scenes

  • Have maximum on-camera time

  • Practice Icon Drills comprising typical tv moments

  • Discover techniques and tricks needed to meet the demands of the tv industry

  • Audition scenes to assimilate your class work into the audition format

  • Appreciate the harmonious atmosphere conducive to best learning

  • Learn Proper and Deliberate practice

  • Develop your method of work through conscious participation

  • Have the opportunity to stretch emotionally

  • Realize the common aspirations and concerns of the other actors

  • Examine what modern practices are most useful for you

Six days of work, 10am - 4pm each day.
A photo and resume must be submitted before attendance can be confirmed.

$750 total (tax included)

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