Semi-Privates On Demand.

Your kind words are much appreciated. Being in a new market has given me extra pressure and anxiety that I have never felt before and it is hindering my art which is frustrating for me as an actor. I constantly feel my disconnect in scenes and that hurts me as I feel I am letting myself down. Your comments are truly helpful and allow me to move forward and focus, so please know I have gained nothing but positivity and encouragement on how to improve!
— Aidan Moreno


These Sessions are right for you if you are an Advanced actor auditioning and shooting regularly or a Beginner. Separate Sessions will be conducted for actors at each level.

You can work in a Semi-Private Session anytime during the year. Just contact John and let him know you'd like to do that and you two can find a partner for you and set up the session.

In hour and a half sessions, two actors will work four times over two weeks. Semi-Private Sessions were initiated in 2009 and is the only course like it in Toronto. They offer the best of a group acting class with the degree of personal attention you receive in a private coaching session. 

There is lots of time to work in detail. The pressure of the camera and lights is taken away in the Semi-Private Sessions although the work is completely geared for film and TV.  

You can work in a Semi-Private Session any time during the year.

In hour and a half sessions two actors will work four times over two weeks.
A photo and resume must be submitted before attendance can be confirmed.

$450.00 (tax included)

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