On Camera.

I wanted to thank you for such a positive and broadening experience. …the class allowed me to reinstate my “voice”… You quickly created an environment where everyone checked their egos at the door and felt safe to explore as themselves. The intensive process really allowed me to progress…
— Heli Kennedy


This course is right for you if: you are committed to being a professional actor; have some experience in theatre or film; you have some actor training; you recently graduated from theatre school; you have an agent or are actively seeking one.

Acting styles change with the times and right now acting for television and film is changing dramatically. What’s required today in episodic drama and feature films is the ability to be utterly and completely natural and truthful in front of the camera and this demands enormous confidence in one’s skills. It’s a great and exciting challenge for both new and experienced actors and it requires a new way of focusing and adapting your skills. 

The format of the class is that you will use typical television scenes as a device to get you up in front of the camera practicing. The scenes will be selected both from series shooting in Toronto and according to your type. In the six week course you will do four or five different scenes. 

You and our partner are filmed separately in a two-camera shoot and your work is recorded on an SD card.

I critique your work and coach you individually as well teach lessons to the whole class. Improvisations, exercises and games geared to naturalistic acting in a realistic setting are used to assist your work. 

The goals in this course are: the ability to analyze a scene, play truthfully, reveal yourself, mean what you say, build your confidence and conviction and develop a proper method of work -- all leading you to be a better actor and getting more work.

The key element is proper practice and repetition leading to good habits. You learn by having the experience.

Classes are 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm, once a week for six weeks.
A photo and resume must be submitted before attendance can be confirmed.

$525.00 (tax included)

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