James Hawksley

"I’ve been meaning to write you to thank you for everything in the intensive. It was the best decision I could have made, to start my year off in your class. I can’t tell you how much your teaching and approach to the work has helped to reinforce my confidence. The biggest thing I have taken with me is ownership over my work. Just like I said at the beginning of one of the classes, every little “win” that I’ve had has gone into my confidence bank, and I have been a new actor walking into those audition rooms. The class I got to work with was wonderful, you put together a great dynamic and I’m very happy to have met them and call them friends and colleagues. Thanks so much for a wonderful experience, I truly look forward to working with you again."

- James Hawksley

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George Bloomfield

"Having led a workshop for the Centre for the Arts I have seen the calibre and standards of the students. The classes and film camps provide a realistic opportunity for young people to discover and recognize what the film and tv industry is truly about; and not a fantasy world lived simply through going to the movies. I would therefore encourage your support of the CFA."

- George Bloomfield

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Adam Schafer

"John’s director’s workshop isn’t just a class – it’s an experience. He creates an environment for the director and actor to creatively embrace and get down to the heart of a scene, helping you understand the process of the actor’s craft. There is no right or wrong way. No critique. It’s all about doing, discussing – experiencing. Taking his workshop has stepped my game up as a director a whole new level. Sign up for it, now."

- Adam Schafer

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Camille Stopps

"I was thinking this morning, while driving to set, about this storm and acting… The trees stay rooted and grounded, secure in the storm no matter how rough it gets, and that can be just like our work. Not letting yourself get torn out of the ground whenever uncertainty or insecurity or pressure starts weighing/ you down/blowing. Not letting yourself and what you need get blown over."

- Camille Stopps

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