A yellow Rolls.

yellow rolls

The young Canadian actor goes to Hollywood to read for a lead in a movie.

It goes well. 

Later that morning in the producer’s office, the young actor is about to leave when the producer asks, ‘Do you have a car?’ ‘No,’ replies the actor. ‘Hey, take the keys to my yellow Rolls Royce convertible.’

The young actor thinks he’s died and gone to…Hollywood.

All this happens in the morning.

Later in the afternoon the actor is told to please return the Rolls.

He didn’t get the job.

Once you have a contract then you have a job. And once you get through the first day of shooting without being fired then you have a job. And once you receive your cheque then you have a job. And once the cheque is deposited and doesn’t bounce—then you have a job. 

Anything else is just talk. 

And for us actors who work for a living certain talk can be very misleading and damaging. 

Develop your professional practice so that you can take everything in the movie business with a cool head. Try to be as sober-minded as you can amidst the hurly-burly of the glitter of Hollywood.

Someone letting you drive their Rolls doesn’t mean you have a job.