Audition room.

You enter the audition room and are greeted by the person behind the camera saying: ‘Stand on the mark.’  Try not to get diverted and take that greeting literally by putting each foot equally on either side of the T. 

The translation of the greeting is: ‘Hello’.

Obviously, you are going to stand on the T, near it, behind it, to the left of it. However you have prepped the beginning of the scene or have chosen to start it the moment you land in front of the camera.

See if locking your feet equally on either side of the T is taking energy away from playing the scene simply and truthfully as yourself.

We get better bit-by-bit and clarifying moments like the one above – as small as it seems -  adds up, leaving us, eventually, with nothing but the acting. 

And doing as you’re told won’t guarantee you a job in the movies.