Be good in a bad movie.

You can be good in a bad movie.

Set the bar high for yourself and fight to keep it there.

You may think parts of the production are of low quality but there is no need for you to lower the level of your work.

You don’t write the scripts, produce the movies, or edit the shows.

Your department is the acting. You are in charge of that department and responsible for your work.

The next role you play is an opportunity to raise the bar again and strive for excellence and quality despite the fact that the general trend in Hollywood today is a lowering of standards. To keep on the high road you’ll be bucking that trend. 

It can be done. You aspiring to the best.

Then your life as an actor in the movie business will really become interesting and you’ll join all those who came before you and aspired to ideals and fought for them.

And when you are in a production where there is real harmony and volition for good work it will be precious to you. Those jobs always engender real appreciation.

Keep your head held high.