Boiling Water.

Acting class is a place where you can practice details of your work.

You’ll see some actors trying to be good or interesting. They aren’t practicing – they are indicating.

Working on one little thing is enough of a reason to be practicing.

To make the point I asked the actors if we were making spaghetti sauce what would be the analogy. One said ‘Saute garlic’, another ‘The tomatoes’ and another ‘Boil the water’. 

Several actors laughed out loud at his answer.

I thought that it was brilliant. 

They laughed because boiling water is such an obvious thing to do and so easy why would anyone focus on that particular part of making spaghetti sauce.  

That is precisely why I thought it was so profound. 

Let us work on the first steps. Let us practice first position in ballet, scales in music, clarity in writing. Let us appreciate that the basics are – the base.

You can use class to practice any specific part of your work.