Breathing in elevators.

When you’re in an elevator with other people breathe fully.

It will make a sound.

That’s why people often hold their breath in an elevator. Breathing fully while in an elevator is one of many opportunities for you to practice your acting in public.

You should always do this outside work with dignity and respect for those going about their lives.

The practice becomes sharp because it is in public and that puts pressure on you. Real people will be really looking at you.

An old practice trick is to use an accent. Once I was on a date in a bar using a German accent and, unbeknownst to me, the barman was German and he starting speaking to me in German. It wasn’t life threatening, but things got hot pretty quick. I switched to English and all was fine.

Physicalities such as limping, blindness, twitches, deafness – all interesting. A completely different haircut worn in public can really have an effect on you as will wearing clothes you don’t normally wear. Men dressing as women and vice versa. 

Always being aware not to cross a line where you’re being socially irresponsible.

Getting someone to look at you or to look away is another great exercise. Depending on what type you usually play pick an iconic way you look. High status you might hold eye contact to try and make the other person break contact. Flirting you might try and get the other person to blush. Controlling you might see if you can get someone who has passed you to turn around and look back.

Practicing your acting out in the world can be edgy and it can provide some heightened experiences. That will strengthen your acting centre. Part of what makes this work an extreme experience is that you have to keep it going.

It’s to your benefit to imitate and observe and try new things when you’re out in the world.

Press the Ground button and keep breathing.