Flirting with the director.

Flirting with the Director

Even though the ideas of equality are all there female actors are still under a lot of the pressure. The reality is these ideas are yet to be fully realized.

You see it on set.

Actresses often flirt with the directors. The directors often like it. It’s all considered normal.

You are under pressure to get along in order to help you book more roles. Those film and TV pressures are real. American culture has inculcated women to get by and improve their lot based on their looks and their charm. Not much has changed. 

It’s considered normal.

But why should a female actor have to flirt with a director? It seems absurd to even pose the question. 

Why can’t a female actor go on set, do her job, be respected, liked and go home. Knowing she did her job properly.

And why does the director – or anyone in power in the business -  expect the female actor to flirt with them while waiting for the lighting setup to finish?