When you’re playing a scene consider if you want to lead (drive the scene), or stay with your partner (equal), or follow.

To follow is to be very active. But you lay back. Like a lion.

Very quick of mind but following. It’s deceptive. It’s lighter. 

It’s not slow and heavy, no – it’s a different energy than leading. Having to drive a scene might put unwanted pressure on you while following might open space for you.

There are different conceptions to playing a scene, different tricks that can be useful.

You can sometimes ‘quick cue’ the other actor, cut the space between your lines and theirs by half, mentally being on top of their lines - ahead of them.

Following can be thought of as on the back foot and quick cue on the front. 

You can also ‘slow cue’ someone, which is a little different from following. You’re not late on your cue you just stretch time a little, slow it down. Leading a line with an ah can fulfil that.

Look for crafty, sly and clever conceptions to playing scenes. Methods of attack that you like and may not of learned in drama school.

Try it.

It’ll work wonders on camera.