Grow bit by bit.

As a working actor you still want to change and grow.

At this level you’ll do it in small bits. Each tiny change you make helps give you more of an edge.

Domini Fifield writes about the footballer Harry Kane in The Guardian:

Harry Kane was striving for marginal gains. Those little tweaks to his daily preparations that would assist recovery time amid a cluttered fixture schedule, and always with the fatigue he had endured back in the summer of 2016… If he was to retain his edge, particularly with a daughter on the way, then something had to change.

“I want to maximise my potential and it seems to be working. When you’re playing Saturday, Wednesday, Saturday there’s not a lot of time to train, so it’s about making those little gains in other ways: ice baths, stretching, nutrition … little things that keep as you as fresh as you can be.

Gareth Southgate, the English football team manager says, “But you’re talking about a player trying to maximise his ability and finding every edge he can. The marginal gains make a massive difference at this high level. Far more of a difference than at a lower standard of football.”

Keep growing as an actor – bit by bit.