"I heard it's kinda slow."

You hear actors say they’re going to call their agent and ask that question.

If your agent represents fifty or a hundred actors and they all call twice a week to ask…boy! That’s tough on your agent.

It is difficult to sustain yourself between jobs. It can drive you crazy. Desperation can creep in.

Calling your agent seems like a good idea, but it only puts them under pressure. Besides, what you’re really asking is: ‘Why haven’t I had any auditions lately?’ Your agent knows this, and has a pat answer ready.

They have to have those answers ready. 

This makes for an awkward conversation and you may end up feeling humiliated. You don’t want that.

It’s actually pretty easy nowadays to actually find out what’s ‘going on -- Casting Workbook, Facebook, the internet, ACTRA, SAG etc. 

This is the actor’s life and the strength required to carry on in the face of adversity is what it means to be one.