‘I hope it goes recurring.’

You often hear your fellow actor on set saying that. It isn’t a bad thought but you should watch carefully where it might lead you and if you want to go there.

If the idea of turning the one-episode role into a recurring one takes hold, it may have you trying hard to be liked by the producers, director and series regulars. That could humiliate you.

You could also get diverted into acting ‘extra hard’ to be ‘extra good’. And that won’t jive with your work habits that you like best.

The showrunners add recurring roles as it best suits their plans for the show. Roles being developed is also discussed in the writer’s room. There, ideas are thrown around and the ‘what if’ question asked and your character will be part of that talk.

Doing work that is extreme won’t guarantee that they will give you more work. If it doesn’t suit their plans - they won’t do it.

Being professional; always working at your best; helping them make the best episode they can; fulfilling your obligations - all puts you in a good place to keep your dignity and integrity. 

And it gives the producers the best chance to consider you for the future.

This straightforward approach is the opposite of hoping and wishing. Truth is, you can hope to become anything: a series regular, a lead in a movie, a movie star or an Oscar-winner.

But, why do you want to get diverted away from what is precious to you and from what you have worked so hard at up til now.

You may want to do more, but setting yourself up for a fall isn’t the way to go.