Old school.

So many guidelines in the film and TV industry are gone.

The times have changed. Often protocol isn’t followed, clauses in the producer/actor agreements are broken, preparation time for auditions shortened, less days to shoot an episodic, lower actor’s fees, more control by agents and casting, lower level content, middle management watchdogs, executive pressure.

It’s always been a tough business, but at least there were rules in place, etiquette followed, precedent referred to.

There was a way to make movies. Old school.

Change is constant and one never wants the old per se, but forms that serve should remain. It’s difficult to build something up and easy to knock it down. 

The question always is: does the school serve the students. 

Good old school allows you, the actor, and all the film workers, a proper place to create and produce. 

Maybe old school is just school.