It’s easy to get overwhelmed. 

As the world gets more and more chaotic so does the movie industry. More competitive, faster, lower pay, harsher and tougher.

You have goals and want to improve, dream in colour, work hard, push yourself to the limit and test your brain. 

But do check yourself and see when you are over the edge and overwhelmed.

Auditions are given out late in the day and the audition time is early the next morning. You have to respond to your agent immediately to confirm your audition. The sides can’t be printed or a screen-shot taken because of confidentiality. You’re working at a job that ends at 2 am.

Wow. That is an overwhelming scenario right there.

The hysteria of a film festival, the launch of a new series, a red-carpet interview can all be overwhelming. 

So can not booking work for a long time. 

Part of your work is finding time and space where you can work at your maximum under conditions that are often minimal. Watch carefully how and where you best respond to your creating. The skill is to keep all the beauty you’re capable of and tap into it even under pressure.

See when you can leave things that are too much for you it until you can do them.

Being professional means working and living at your own pace – within today’s situation.