Playing potential.

Develop your ability to see parts of the scene that have potential for you to play. Particular and specific moments of playing. Moments that are describable and definable.

At first glance, something in a scene may appear problematic, but upon examination, you can see it as potential.

Let’s look at an example from an audition scene. 

The female character has to drown, and, at first, you’re flummoxed. ‘Geez, how the heck am I going to act drowning!?’ The probability of pulling it off in front of the camera in an audition seems bleak.

But, then you really start to look at it, seeing what can serve you. You start thinking like an actor, and asking questions. What is drowning? You realize that breath is key to drowning – underwater you’re not, above water you are. You know that breath is a key and anything that provokes it or stops it is gold. 

You incorporate the two extremes of holding your breath and gasping for breath. Opposites. This has you doing what you like to do - playing. 

The problem has turned into potential.