Put yourself first.

On set and in acting class put yourself first. 

If you look after yourself, take your space then you will be a good scene partner. 

Putting yourself first is key in your relationship with the collective of film workers making the movie. Each must do their job the best they can making the whole better.

Don’t get confused by pseudo-artistic ideas like being nice, helping others, sharing. You already do that as a person but don’t let it divert you from playing sharply.

In acting class your order of importance should be: you first, fellow actors second, and teachers third. This outlook lets you have the experience. It will lift the cloud that can hang heavy of trying to please your fellow actors and teacher.

There is authority you must follow. The director has it and the acting coach has it. You can submit to the authority and put yourself first. That’s not a contradiction.

Some parts of the work are your business and other parts are not your business. You put yourself first in the business that concerns you.

Namely: playing your character.

Not the running of the class nor the shooting of the movie.

Asking the question ‘What’s in it for me?’ is always illuminating.