Recognize and celebrate.

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It’s important to recognize success and to celebrate both your work and the work of your colleagues. 

Life is made up of many beginnings, middles and ends. At the end of a project you should take a moment to commemorate the work you’ve done. 

Otherwise life will become an endless race. You’ll run out of breath. Give yourself opportunities to breathe.

They talk about the rat race - there’s a colourful image you don’t want to be part of.

Recognition requires consciousness, an awareness of the work you and your fellow actors are doing. 

People in all endeavours work and produce the material goods of the society. You need to be aware of the importance of that work.

When the work is completed you celebrate the accomplishment but celebrate does not always mean balloons and brass bands. It can be any modest marking of the successful completion of your work.

Marking the end of a project allows you to begin the next one.

For instance, if you say to yourself after an audition ‘Job done.’ then that is recognition enough.

Those that run the movie industry have everything at their disposal to celebrate in their way and the Oscars are a good example of this. 

If you are a normal working actor seeing the Oscars can cause you confusion as to how you should celebrate. You certainly can’t match the Oscars in size and scope. Yet, you work in the movies and the Oscars are about the movies. 

Consider how you can recognize and celebrate your work and success.