Sex and violence.

These are the two main themes in Hollywood.

Hollywood reflects the ideas of those who make the movies.

And as an actor you’ll be asked to fulfil these themes. 

To land roles you’ll have to learn where you and your type fit into sex and violence. Do you commit it? Do you facilitate it? Do you suffer from it? Do you profit from it? Do you work in the legal, medical or police system? Do you control it?

When a character appears on TV the viewer often wonders if that character has sex or not. TV has trained us to think this way, and, as an actor, you’ll need to answer this question when you get a role. Similarly, ‘Does this character kill people?’

You need to learn the icons. You need to learn where casting puts you in terms of sex and violence.

Not agreeing with the ideas in a film is a different question and, often the only answer there is to say no to the role.

To book work you’ll have to be knowledgeable about the themes of sex and violence.