Stay with one teacher.

Pinchas Zukerman, the conductor, violinist, and teacher says that if you find a good teacher—stay with them.

I fully support this idea.

Learning from a different teacher is fine, but jumping from class-to-class to see ‘what the teacher is like’ isn’t.

Actors often describe acting classes by saying what they thought the teacher was like, but never what their work was like. 

Fooling yourself, you can jump from class-to-class experiencing different teachers, but never end up actually doing any work. You turn into an acting-class actor.

If the atmosphere in the room is good, if the teacher is of high quality and you don’t have any issues with his or her personality – stay there.

Eliminating the constant diversion of looking for a new teacher allows you to put your focus solely on your practice.

Let the teachers do their work - you do yours.