Student of the game.

At the 1990 Crossroads Blues Festival the great B.B. King plays The Thrill is Gone and in a row sit Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, Jimmy Vaughn, Sheryl Crow, ZZ Top, Albert Lee, Jeff Beck, Steve Winwood, all masters in their own right

They are playing with and following the master. 

And those great players are also students of the game.

When Wayne Rooney first scored a goal in the Premier League he already knew all the best strikers in the world, had watched their goals, and studied their moves.

All professionals watch and learn from the best. Imitate what’s worthwhile. Emulate their best qualities. See what makes them the best.

Learn the moves of actors who are your type. Get to know the iconic portrayals.

Talk to the older actors when on set or after an audition.

Recognize and appreciate the effort and sacrifice that your actor peers have made. Marie Dressler was a Broadway star and an accomplished actress. She participated in the 1919 Actor’s Equity strike and the producers made her pay for that by not hiring her.

Paul Robeson suffered worse humiliation and relegation. Many others paved the way and fought for rights that you have now.

Learn the history of your peers