Suck up, kick down.

Try and present your work.

A common trait today, once someone has achieved a certain position of power, is to learn how to hold on to it. That can include kicking down the ladder anyone trying to come up and sucking up to those above.

If you get desperate you may find yourself trying to do that.

Presenting your work in a straightforward, simple, and elegant manner is an altogether different approach.

You prepare your work, present it and leave it - nothing more, nothing less – so the worth of it will be seen. 

You save yourself the liability that desperate behaviours such as - sucking up with hopes of getting roles or kicking down at your peers - can bring you. All part of a vicious cycle leading nowhere.

How you relate to the producers, agents, casting directors, actors and others in power in the film and TV industry is a serious question. Do it professionally.

Presenting your work in the audition room can be like a samurai: bowing, throwing a silk cloth up in the air, taking out your sword, turning it upside down, the cloth floats down, crosses the blade and splits in two. You replace the sword, bow, and then leave.

Let mules and piglets do the kicking and sucking.