The future.

Human beings always look to the future.

On a practical note you have the future to consider every time you play a scene or go to an audition. Part of your preparation will be seeing yourself at the end of the work. How will the audition go? How will the scene go? How will I feel afterwards? What do you see?

That’s ‘looking into the future’. 

Visualizing is key but you must do it sharply so you don’t slide over, avoid or deny what you see. 

Try and learn to look at things as they are. 

Seeing yourself going forward obviously includes the state of the industry at this time. Your future takes place from where you and the industry are today and from where it has been in the past - all affecting your and its forward motion.

As well as the external influences your outlook will affect what you see. 

Having aspirations is vital for all humans. What gives rise to your aspirations? Old ideas like ‘follow your dreams’ or ‘you can do whatever you want’ can be confusing. 

Find the parables, mantras, truths, watchwords that help you see the future in clearer and more doable terms for you.

You want success and a bright future. 

Try and base what can be in practical terms – because - ‘If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.’