There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

If you have blocks as an actor explore different ways to loosen them.

A gay actor had a block about playing masculine roles. Any character described as tough, good-looking, macho, war veteran etc. would send him into an anxious state. 

He knew he looked the part but his mental block made him freeze when he came to those roles.

He thought he needed to do extensive psychological work about his life to come to terms with who he was -  being human, gay, good-looking, a good actor. That is one possible route.

A long and complicated one.

Another would be for him to suffer through each audition trying to force his way through by indicating and pushing. Like going to the dentist.

That ain’t good.

One day while practicing properly in an harmonious atmosphere he took the route to try technique to play the tough guy. He had never tried that before.

He kept still, spoke on his street voice, didn’t push or indicate and he let us see him. Bang! He was the tough guy.

The point here is not to pose one approach against another. But, if you’re stuck, see if discovery and exploration helps you to sort problems.

Instead of banging your head against the wall - lean on it gently.