They're the best writers.

Producers hire the best writers to write their shows.

Try not to confuse your personal viewpoint and taste with the particular writing that makes that show exactly what it is.

He who pays piper calls the tune. 

To sell their products advertisers tell the networks what kind of show they want. The networks buy those shows and hire show-runners to make them. The show-runners tell the writers what to write.

They are doing their jobs and doing them well. The content may be racist, sexist, pro-war, put people down, harsh, violent and more, but the writers are doing their jobs.

Your job is to interpret that writing and act the role the best you can. 

Look closely at how the writing keeps the style consistent through icons repeated, syntax and music of the language, length of lines, transitions, story lines, plots, types of guest leads etc.The consistency of the writing fulfills the singular nature of that particular show – episode after episode. That takes hard work and skill.

Writers try to meet the demands of those who pay them.

They are the best writers.