To the black wall.

Seeing a black wall at the end of your audition is deadly. 

It’s best if your auditions are part of your ongoing work and life. With none of them ever being the be all or end all. 

The continuity. 

As with all of your work, watch your visualization sharply and see what it looks like when you’ve finished your audition. You should see yourself leaving the audition room and walking out into light rather than darkness. You should see your work and life continuing.  

Otherwise it really is like banging your head against a brick wall.

That visualization comes when you are preparing your audition. You’ll see the end of it. What you see at the end is very important.

To like how you are leaving the audition is as important as liking the work you do in it.

Desperation is a horrible quality that can derail you. Take the auditions in your stride, put them in perspective and see how this strengthens you.

Putting you in good shape for the next audition.