Waiting for God to appear.

Once you’ve done your preparation, and the scene is about to begin, you just start.

Actors prepare differently. There is no one way to prepare to begin a scene. That’s true.

But, you might find yourself waiting for inspiration and it might be a divine kind and it might not appear. 

I call it waiting for God to appear.

Just start. Go.

The old adage is: ‘Do your homework and then forget it.’ That is kind of the point here. 

Watch actors who wait and wait for some magic moment they have imagined and crave but doesn’t arrive. Usually they are simply stuck.

On your own time, breath in and play the first moment which leads to the next moment. The work is in you. Learn to know that and have faith in that. 

That’s conviction.

(Divine inspiration is the concept of a supernatural force, typically a deity, causing a person or people to experience a creative desire.)