The waiting room.

This is the most difficult place.

You must take it up for solution. Think about it and develop tactics that can become your habit so just before your audition you are in a good atmosphere.

Just because ‘everyone is doing it’ doesn’t mean you should. So, if there is a lot of chatting going on you don’t need to chat. If colleagues are there and want to catch-up you can say ‘let’s talk after the audition’.

These small efforts really help you be in the best space possible prior to playing. Helps you get in the zone you want to be in on that particular day.

Always try and go with what you need on that day. Be particular. Which means one day it may be you being chatty.

The waiting room is like back stage in the theatre. It is the working space prior to performing.

Treat it as your working space.

Socialize if you want to; listen to the gossip if you want to; but be careful. Try not to get diverted. Protect yourself.

Any working actor who doesn’t understand why you are doing what you’re doing isn’t professional.

Before you go to the audition visualize the room and what actors in your type may be there. Especially see the actors, the room, the casting people that you don’t like. You must choose a plan with them that frees you to work and not get dragged down.

It’s best for us actors when we feel unity with our fellow actors—all in battle—and can draw succour from that. It’s best when we go into the audition ‘helping them make their tv show’. It’s best when we’re at one with the system and its parts.

That’s best.


Some days we need to protect ourselves and hold up the hand when someone comes over to talk.