Actor's Speak.

You don’t have to make any sense when you talk about your work.

Your talk should reflect whatever you are grappling with at that moment.

This doesn’t mean actors are nonsensical. No.

Directors and acting coaches need to be clear and make sense as they are running the overall in a horizontal sense. Seeing the whole picture.                                                                                      Whereas you the actor are concerned in a perpendicular sense. Up and down with you and your character - narrow – not lengthwise of the whole movie or class.

Your concerns should be how to play truthfully. Voice that struggle.

In that context you don’t have to make any sense. The directors – the good ones – will be able to follow any mutterings, grunts, howls, protestations, ramblings that you make and hopefully translate them to assist you.

When asking the camera operator about the size of a shot you should be clear. Of course. Or telling wardrobe the sweater is too tight. Then you will make sense.

And, agreeing or disagreeing with your agent on what your fee should be you want to make absolute sense.

But, in the heat of putting up a scene making sense is not what you should have uppermost in your mind. Getting it right, impressing others. That isn’t why you should be speaking. 

When it comes to you actually acting your speaking has to serve you first and communicate second.