Agents work hard.

Talent agents are under as much pressure as anyone else.

The good ones work very hard to get you auditions and to get you paid as much as possible.

There are many talented actors ready and willing to work yet fewer roles available. This is the competitive nature of the acting profession. 

These are difficult times.

First and foremost, agents work for themselves - and why not? They’re in business and want to be successful.

They get their work through the casting directors who work for the producers. The agents provide and regulate the flow of work for you. They are part of the system that is the movie business.

They work hard to keep good relations with the casting directors and the producers, so you will continue to have a chance at landing jobs.

They keep up with the changes in the economy and how it affects the movie business, new rules coming out of contracts, changes in distribution, genres, taste, casting procedures, and everything else that goes on in the business.

Just because you didn’t get a call for an audition recently doesn’t mean your agent isn’t working. 

Try and learn to appreciate what they do.