An arrow.

When you send a line it can be like sending an arrow.

You could send that arrow right through the other character and out the other side into a wall ten feet behind.

Or you could send the arrow just to their chest, letting it stick there… hurting. The arrow could fall well short.

How do you draw back the bow? Rapidly, or slow and deliberately? Is it your first time shooting an arrow? Are you a professional or a civilian?  Are you defending yourself or attacking to rule?

What tip do you have on the arrow? Is it poisoned, an ancient stone tip, high-grade steel, thin and razor-sharp, serrated?

You must play sharply. That’s how we live - like a series of very specific arrows shot from very definite bows.

See it. See what you mean, want and how you send it – your line of text.

‘I go, I go; look how I go,   
Swifter than an arrow from the Tartar's bow.’