Read the source.

Read the original authors on the subject of acting.

That way you get to have your own first impressions.

It is key to the development of your ability to think. Observing and having your experience in a conscious way as you read, then reflecting on what you’ve read, and, finally, giving your view on what you read. 

Reading some PhD thesis on method acting by some graduate of The Yale School of Drama won’t bring you any closer to the source. The source being the original works the thesis is based on.

Go to the source.

If you read Strasberg, Stanislavski, or Meisner in their original texts, then you get the tingle of the first sensation. You will have the experience of those books yourself and that will allow you to see what you think of them. Reading someone’s second hand view of the original will only confuse you and deny you the important opportunity of having that ‘first impression’ that the mind loves.

Then you can say what you think of it.

Appreciate your ability to have an original experience.