Outside the canyon.

Don’t get trapped in a canyon as you work.

If the character you are preparing is a nervous, giggling neophyte, then practising only the giggle can trap you.

Firstly, it limits exploring ‘what it isn’t’, which we know helps you to find out ‘what it is’; and secondly, you may find yourself afraid to go outside the narrow limits of the giggle for fear of losing it. 

See if when you’re preparing a role your work is in a confined space. The most productive place to be is with lots of space around your work.

It will give you more confidence in your giggle.

There is much more around the giggle than just the giggle, and to look at it, outside of it, under it, beside it won’t lessen you being specific but, rather, it will help it. 

All of that extended work will always be in you. Then, if you get thrown in an audition, or on set this life outside the canyon you’ve experienced will steady you. 

Otherwise, what is not the giggle can just be a black void. Something you fear.

Better than the fearful black void is explored territory. Light. Your made light. New ground you’ve discovered.

There is much to be had outside the canyon walls.