Do what you did in your first audition. Wear the same clothes.

Try not to over-work or over-think prior to the callback. You want to do well, but observe what diverts you from - and what keeps - the magic that you had in the first audition.

Usually the director will be there and sometimes producers. Go as you would go to a working session – like going to class. They’ll be giving you direction, so have you’re working-actor mind ready.

It’s a slightly different mindset than the audition one.

Getting a callback might not be all it’s cracked up to be. 

Often, they bring in actors doing their first audition at the callback. Casting, directors and producers want you there and for their own reasons. They’re not sure yet what they want – they’re looking for it.

Callbacks are positive, yes, but best if you can normalize them and not boast to give yourself validation. Even if ‘everyone’ does it.

Producer’s sessions, multiple callbacks for series regulars requires strength and conviction. Come to terms with your conscience, so you’ll see the process to the end.

A callback is an audition that gets your hopes up.