Movie's time.

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As a movie actor you are part of the art form of this time.


The movies, or all media that has moving images, are a product of the industrial revolution and now of the electronic age. 

Movies are only about a hundred years old. The Lumiere brothers, Auguste and Louis, made the world’s first film Train Pulling into a Station in 1895.

What does it mean for you to be an integral part of the leading art form of the day? What responsibility do you have? How do you see the moving picture at this time in this in this place under these conditions?

Interesting to think about it. 

Being at the forefront.

How is the form serving humanity? Who controls the form? Who puts the ideas into the form? In whose hands is it? What role can it play as art serving the needs of society?

The discussion as to what avenues lie open to you to participate in the development and role that the moving picture plays in society is an important one. 

The truth is: cinema is here. It is a fact and looking at things as they are is always a good place to begin the discussion.

Cinema, is of the now - mobile devices, cameras, computers, the web, video - all showing the human being in motion and in colour. 

You act in front of equipment that is modernizing at such a fast rate. Your voice and body is being captured by mind-boggling methods.

That is a first in human history.

Statues, paintings, architecture, songs, poems and plays can’t replicate the reality we see on screens now. 

As an actor you have a front row seat from which to observe it and participate in it.