‘Dear dirty Dublin’.

The phrase ‘Deear dirty Dublin’ comes from James Joyce’ novel ULYSSES. 

An actor from Cork taught me the trigger phrase of ‘dear ol’ dirty Dublin, da mess on da doorstep’. He said if I got that right I’d be off to the races with the Dub accent.

When learning an accent or a character trait see if you can find a simple key that helps you unlock it. Something you like, is easy to remember and is the essence of the thing.

Could be a slouch, wide stance, slight stutter, hands closed.

Always find a starter you like. 

Usually best if it’s small. A little diamond – containing all it’s qualities - cut, brilliance, colour, carat weight. 

If you start acting by trying to remember all your research and preparation you might get overwhelmed.

(For the record, Dublin is a beautiful city that I’ve worked in and visited for over twenty years.)