Most series directors are in the same boat as you;

They are freelance and were looking for a job when they got this one.

They do have the authority on set but their relative status in the movie business is about the same as yours. It’s the networks, show-runners, executive producers who call the tune.

That can allow you to be sympathetic to their situation. It also can allow you to do your work easier. They are colleagues and no need to give up all your power. 

Regulars on series soon learn that they know more about their character, the show and have more status than visiting directors.

It’s the actual relations of TV and movie making.

Directors are under two pressures: to get the shots in quickly and to get along with the producers. One and the same thing.

If they don’t give you much direction - realize the pressure they are under.

The few directors in the world who work on rich, realistic scripts are true creative artists and they will work with you in the best way. That condition is few and far between.

Low-budget independent film directors usually discuss a lot. The funny actor’s rule there is: low pay, lots of talk.

Knowing the director’s situation allows you to better fulfill your obligations.