Focus your eyes.

There are always real objects in front of you when you’re filming.

If you’re supposed to be seeing elephants running towards you see what works best for you to focus your eyes.

For you and for us watching you on screen. Watching your eyes.

If your imagination – of the elephants – does it, then fine. But, a simple technique that is always available is to look at real objects in front of you. That includes the camera, the tripod, the dolly, the lights, the flags, the set, the back of the studio, the sound man, everything and everybody.

When you look at real objects it focuses your eyes. That calms your mind. It helps your balance, too.

We see it in your eyes that you’re really seeing something. The cut can reveal what it is you’re looking at.

Endless shots of ‘computer acting’ demands the same. Motion capture really demands it. Green screen. Of which, there's a lot today.

In the audition room – again, you can look at real objects, the people running the session, the camera operator.

When we watch you on screen we look at your eyes.