‘Just do what you did in the audition.’

That’s what directors often say when you arrive on set to play a guest lead or day role

They don’t remember exactly what you did in the audition, it’s a learned phrase that series shooters repeat. Or, they say, ‘I loved your audition.’ Which is even better, as it’s positive reinforcement.

These are good greeting phrases from series directors. Good protocol, good etiquette. 

It’s hello.

The phrases aren’t to be taken literally.

Try to avoid worrying, once you’re cast, how you’re going to remember exactly what you did in the audition when you get on set. That’s not how TV works.

You’ll be prepared, as are the director, show-runner and crew. Then, together, you’ll make up the scene – the blocking, acting, lighting. On the spot.

There is no replicating-the-audition test that you can pass or fail.

An interesting side note is that the direction you get on set usually differs from what you got in the audition.