Try to like how you’re playing the scene, doing an audition, acting in close-up, or blocking for camera.

The wonderful acting teacher, Keith Johnstone, often asks the following question after an improv finishes: “Did you like it; did you enjoy it; was it pleasurable; was it fun?”.

Try not to get sidetracked by trying to have so much fun or trying to fulfil a complex idea of liking it. It can be something simple.  

Pick something small or big. Something particular.  It can be anything: the sound of your voice, knowing your lines, your hairdo, a belief in you character, appreciating working with others.

Your acting shouldn’t be like going to the dentist! 

There is so much pressure today that you can get off track and submit to it. Learn to find what is truly good for you when you’re acting.

‘Do I like what I’m doing?’ isn’t a small question – it’severything.